The best restaurants in Sydney | The Festival of Nonna
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Festival of Nonna

The Festival of Nonna

Behind every great Italian meal and chef is a great foodloving Nonna.

This is the motto behind The Festival of Nonna organised by Sandhurst Fine Foods this month.

The brand has teamed up with Sydney Italian celebrity chefs and their grandmas to host this two week Festival. If, like me, you have always wanted to discover the secret of good (I mean really good) home-made pasta, you know what to do this week end!

When I arrived, the room was already full of happy people playing with paste, pasta and discussing with celebrity chefs and their grandmas. Great wine, great food is necessary to a successful night, right?! But learning recipe secrets and asking cooking tips to Michelin-starred chefs is the next level of what I call a good night!

My favorite part was definitely the gnocchi workshop with Chef Luca Ciano (of 2 Michelin-starred Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia in Milan). He really took the time to answer all my “potato” questions and show me how to shape them. I was delighted. He even gave me his secret recipe, which you can find on the blog (click here).

Massimo Mele (previously of La Scala restaurant on Jersey) was also there demonstrating his authentic Italian techniques passed on to him by his Nonna, who was actually aside him.

Andrew Cibej, renowned for his work at Sydney’s restaurants Vini, Berta and 121BC, has cooked the dinner,  side-by-side with Nonna Cibej : a five-course meal with Saucy gnocchi (never enough of gnocchi), tender veal, antipasti, straciatta semifreddo…


It is all happening at the popup, roof-top garden restaurant Redfern’s 107 Projects, finishing on 27 November.

Tickets to the Festival of Nonna dinners are $50 for a five course meal, wine, prosecco and a bag of Italian goodies to take home.
Tickets for workshops are $30.
For more information on the dinners, food workshops and to purchase tickets, visit

Photo credit – all photos are mine © Food is all