The best restaurants in Sydney | Luke Mangan competition
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Lamb Laura Blanot CEO competition luke Mangan

Luke Mangan competition

laura blanot Luke Mangan CEO competition
Laura Blanot CEO competition luke Mangan

So I have been part of the 5 lucky candidates of Luke Mangan’s CEO competition (Culinary Experience Officer). Selected out of several thousands of home cooks.

I have been asked to cook a meat (part of a 5 course lunch – each candidate had to prepare a course). I decided to make a Herb crust lamb, chimi churri sauce with fresh gnocchi and mushroom purée. It was truly delicious. I did not win, but I had lots of fun and was happy to meet Luke Mangan.

Below is my presentation video with my definition of “what being a foodie means” and you can see one of my favorite recipe: The cannelés

Photos and video © Minhky for Luke Mangan